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IT & Cyber Security

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Cyber security is paramount to the well-being of any business. If neglected, you not only risk costly data loss, but also the inadvertent dissemination of intellectual property, corporate and consumer data. Many companies only reconsider their security stance when it is too late.


Best practices protect the privacy of your team and your customers upfront. Secure your business from cyber-attacks, unauthorized access, data breaches, and other threats.


The goal of this approach is to proactively strengthen all elements of the systems to prevent security breaches and data loss and to react as quickly as possible in the event of unforeseen attacks.


PINGable Solutions takes a comprehensive approach to managed cybersecurity services.


Our team of experts in Frankfurt am Main (Hessen) uses in-depth knowledge in the areas of information security and cybersecurity to implement powerful solutions. With PINGable Solutions, you are well prepared against the full range of modern security problems.